The Biggest Not‑Bread Breakthrough Since Sliced Vegetables

Grain and gluten-free, plant-based sandwich thins and pizza crusts that nourish your body and satisfy your cravings.
Made with Fresh Cauliflower

All hail the power of Cauliflower.
The wholesome carb‑slayer.

Nutrient Dense
Simple Ingredients
Low Carb
No Sugar
Tastes Amazing

Whether you’re a hardcore paleo, gluten-intolerant, or looking to dabble in the #lowcarblife, we’re all in on your choice to go against the grain.
We also feel your pain.

At Outer Aisle, we’ve gone grain-free but we’re not going for those flavorless, textureless bread imposters. As much as we love our health, we also love pizza. And tacos and lasagna and all the good things the carb-police would confiscate. So we rolled up our sleeves, chopped up a bunch of veggies, and set out to bake up some bread-like alternatives that are better than the other. And that’s when we discovered the wonderfully surprising qualities of cauliflower.  

What makes us different

4 Simple Ingredients = Gluten Freedom

Fresh Cauliflower
Whole Eggs
Fresh Parmesan
Pure Nutritional Yeast